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Teesside solicitor jailed for fraud

26 February 2019

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A Newcastle-based solicitor Madasser Hussain and her husband Agha Rashid have each been jailed for more than three years for fraud and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Hussain was described as a “clever, confident, cunning and manipulative individual” by Judge Simon Batiste.

Teesside Crown Court heard that Hussain’s fraud followed a dispute with her business partner about a £60,000 investment in restaurant Spice of Punjab.

Her business partner dissolved the business and refused to repay her investment, arguing the money had already been repaid in over-payments to her husband who was employed there.

In an attempt to recoup the money, Hussain forged a CH1 application form before submitting it to the Land Registry. The aim was to achieve the fraudulent registration of a legal charge for £60,000 plus interest of 10% per year.

According to the Newcastle Chronicle, the judge said: “In many ways, it’s made worse by the fact you, Hussain, were a solicitor. You abused your skills and training to behave in the way that you did.

“It’s clear as a female Asian solicitor you encountered considerable barriers you had to break through with great perseverance and it’s equally clear you are an able and well-regarded solicitor.

“The fact of your conviction will almost certainly mean you will cease to be a member of this profession you worked so hard to get into. Society is right to expect qualified lawyers will act with the utmost integrity.”