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Knowledge management

Thought leader

When it comes to knowledge management (KM), there are trailblazers who do the risky work and followers who can see the vision but want to lessen the risks and avoid the pitfalls. The legal profession, however, has been accused of being absent from both these groups by both industry analysts and the profession’s own press.

A question of culture

For some time, law firms have invested in knowledge-management (KM) activities, understanding that success in the legal profession is all about making the most of a firm’s expertise. Whether firms succeed, however, is quite a different matter. Jason Marty, global director of knowledge management at Baker & McKenzie, assesses the KM lessons learnt at his firm.

It’s who you know...PSLs, knowledge brokers and firm-wide innovation

The role of the professional support lawyer (PSL) continues to be debated. Some firms think them essential to knowledge-sharing activities while others are cutting back on numbers, saying that they too easily convince lawyers that they have no part to play in KM. ANN DONAKEY, head of know-how at Linklaters, assesses the ongoing role of the PSL and argues the case for turning a PSL into a knowledge broker.

The changing face of KM in law firms

Know-how management (KM) in law firms is changing, as firms move more towards expertise rather than commodity-based KM, a trend that has been noted in a recent major review of KM strategy at Allen & Overy. DAVID JABBARI, global head of know-how, explains the changing strategic thinking at his firm and how this is impacting KM policies and procedures.

Searching for answers: Compliance, information management and taxonomies

Finding the right information to manage clients and matters more effectively is a complex task, the solutions for which have evolved dramatically over recent years. NEIL CAMERON, of Neil Cameron Consultants, assesses the developing market for knowledge management, including today’s requirements for effective record keeping. Are today’s lawyers really keeping up with the needs and demands of their clients?

KM Thought leader

Well, despite the prophecies of doom that knowledge management (KM) would ultimately go the way of other management “fads”, we enter 2005 finding KM still going strong and having an ever increasing impact on the successful operation of law firms and in-house legal departments.