Ethics, professionalism and judgement

Toeing the regulatory line

Emma Walker considers the extent to which the regulator will reach into lawyers’ private lives 

13 May 2020

Before the storm

The causes of conduct that leads to regulatory action are often more informative than the conduct itself, Susanna Heley explains 

12 May 2020

Advice on UK’s diverging lockdown strategies

The Law Society has urged solicitors to exercise caution and vigilance amid differing advice from devolved governments on how to approach lockdown

12 May 2020

Going green

By making small changes in their operations, firms can make a big difference to their carbon footprint. Catherine Baksi reports

24 Apr 2020

Leading by example

If there was ever a time to engage an ethical approach and lead by example, it’s now, as Emma Walker explains 

16 Apr 2020

And so to sleep

Elizabeth Rimmer encourages lawyers to adopt good sleep hygiene to improve their quality of sleep

20 Mar 2020

Solicitor fined £1,600 over “offensive” email

A solicitor has been fined £1,600 by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) after forwarding a “highly derogatory and grossly offensive” email.

10 Mar 2020

The GDPR marathon

Two years on from the GDPR’s implementation, Suzanne Dibble considers best practice for law firms

06 Mar 2020

Social mobility takes a hit

Elitism is being allowed to thrive as trainees are still denied a mandatory minimum salary, say Amy Clowrey and Hannah Bignell

27 Feb 2020