Managing yourself and your own work

Lines of communication

Irwin Mitchell’s London managing partner Alison Eddy explains why being an honest role model is integral to her leadership strategy

04 Jun 2020

Wellbeing in dystopia

Firms that care for the mental and emotional health of staff now will reap the rewards in future. Catherine Baksi reports

03 Jun 2020

Pricing in a pandemic

Pricing strategies play a vital role in helping firms with their cash flow, says Nigel Haddon

26 May 2020

Exercise in a box

Nicola Laver looks at what we might learn from the pandemic 

20 May 2020

Changing the rules

The SRA’s continuing competence regime marked a big change from the CPD rules. Rachel Rothwell examines what this meant for solicitors and whether further change is afoot

18 May 2020

Learning with compassion

By understanding the ‘idiot brain’ you can build a successful business, says Hélène Russell

13 May 2020

Tribal power and hope

Dr Bob Murray considers the neurogenetic drive to be a great leader

13 May 2020

Toeing the regulatory line

Emma Walker considers the extent to which the regulator will reach into lawyers’ private lives 

13 May 2020