Working with other people

Appeal to disadvantaged pupils to consider legal careers

Coalition of firms commissions series of digital workshops for socio-economically disadvantaged students 

09 Jul 2020

Avalanche of employment claims expected

The employment tribunal backlog must be cleared before the anticipated avalanche of post-covid claims, the Law Society warned

23 Jun 2020

Wellbeing in dystopia

Firms that care for the mental and emotional health of staff now will reap the rewards in future. Catherine Baksi reports

03 Jun 2020

Flexibility by default

We should make agile working the new norm for junior lawyers, argues Leah Caprani

02 Jun 2020

MOJ makes lawyers eligible for covid-19 testing

The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has confirmed that solicitors who are key workers are eligible for Covid-19 testing

01 May 2020

Performance enhancement

Chris Marston explains how learning from others can boost leadership performance

24 Apr 2020

Firms begin responding to Covid-19

The coronavirus situation is fast-moving and law firms have begun to respond with drastic measures to continue effectively servicing their clients.

20 Mar 2020

Lawyers should take a practical approach to coronavirus

Law firms across the country are taking a view as to where they fall on the scale of ‘business as usual with a bit of extra soap’ through to ‘total lockdown’ by way of response to the spread of COVID-19. 

10 Mar 2020