A greener strategy: Broadening the horizon

The unique role of law firms puts us at the heart of the sustainability drive, says Maria Connolly

Beating back the storm

Struggling SME law firms can innovate to survive the economic conditions caused by the pandemic, says George Bisnought

Assault on access to justice

The provision of quality legal services for individuals with insecure status is woefully inadequate, as Helen O’Nions explains

22 Feb 2021 | Legal Aid

Breach of legitimate expectation: an unambiguous promise

Sioned Wyn Roberts and Toby Vanhegan comment on the role of legitimate expectation in a successful judicial review involvng a domestic violence survivor an

12 Feb 2021 | Children

Integrity and public trust: Avoiding an unruly mess

Esther Drabkin-Reiter examines how the court in Beckwith tied the scope of regulation by the SRA and the tribunal to a proper interpretation of th

10 Feb 2021 | Regulators

Forging ahead

Amanda Stevens reveals how a relentless focus on client care has propelled Hudgells ahead

Who bears the burden?

John Binns considers the potential impact of imposing an additional burden on firms with the proposed AML levy

04 Feb 2021 | Crime

Of mutual advancement

In the second of a two-part feature on mentoring, Nicola Laver examines the importance of formal mentoring 

Separation of powers and profits

Howard Hackney sets out guiding principles for profit sharing, firm ownership and capital structures 

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