Listen to clients – and learn

Exceptional client experience is more vital than ever to sustain loyalty, says Helen

Covid-19 and the criminal courts: Investment is the key

Nick Titchener, director and defence solicitor at Lawtons Law, explains what's needed to

08 Feb 2021 | Courts & Judiciary

My apologies

Steven Baylis considers whether an Apologies Bill could lead to a decrease in the number of

27 Jan 2021 | Clinical negligence

How can remote family hearings be improved?

Remote hearings cannot replicate a court room but they do the next best thing, says Emma

27 Jan 2021 | Children

Being measured

It seems legal regulators take a particularly dim view of online discretions, compared with

20 Jan 2021 | Regulators

Hidden but unprotected

Jennifer Twite warns lawyers to be cautious if they suspect a child client is passing

20 Jan 2021 | Children

Because you’re worth it

Vanessa Ugatti offers a simple formula to ensure lawyers are paid their worth in challenging

Keep calm and collaborate

Darren Sylvester and Rachel Roche suggest some ingredients for firms’ disaster recovery

Data is everything

Invest your marketing budget wisely, then monitor and use your data closely, says Qamar Anwar

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