Following the results of the 2020 UK Judicial Attitudes Survey, Graham Coy asks whether we need to do more to make our judges feel valued 

At first sight, the idea of reading the 90-page 2020 UK Judicial Attitudes Survey does not set the pulse racing or the heart beating faster. It should.

It provides an invaluable insight into what judges at all levels, including circuit judges, think on a whole range of issues and all of us as lawyers will benefit from studying its conclusions – as will the public, the media and the government.

This is the third survey of its kind – the previous two being undertaken in 2014 and 2016. It was conducted independently by the Judicial Institute of University College London.

A phenomenal 99.6 per cent of court judges in England and Wales took part and 98 per cent of UK tribunal judges. The survey records that, &quo...

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