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MIB liable for accidents on private land

The Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) is liable for accidents on private land involving uninsured vehicles, the Supreme Court held.

Losing blind justice

David Kirwan ponders whether filming in the criminal courts could lead to the nation’s new ‘X Factor’

Islamic ‘marriage’ ruling leads to calls for law change

An Islamic ‘marriage’ declared a non-marriage by the appeal court and therefore invalid, means the purported wife cannot make a financial claim. 

Resolution race row

A racial diversity row has broken out between family law organisation Resolution and its members, with a former member accusing Resolution of “trying to silence a BAME voice”.

Mandatory or directory?

Alec Samuels makes the case for updating the Interpretation Act

What will 2020 mean for charitable bequests?

Rob Cope explains why charities and the legal profession need to co-operate to ensure legislation evolves in a way that protects legacy giving

Climate crisis: how should charities respond?

Mark Abbott navigates the ups and downs of backing activist causes, even when they’re aligned with your charity’s core mission