Pre-nups on the up

More clients understand the benefit in preparing pre-nuptial agreements should the worst happen, says Sara

30 Jul 2014 | Cohabitation

Practitioners and the public deserve clarity on prenups

The Law Commission’s report on matrimonial property, needs and agreements was a huge anti-climax, says Judit

02 Apr 2014 | Cohabitation

Marriage is a calculated risk, so why not have a divorce calculator?

A readily available financial reckoner would help couples who simply cannot afford to see a lawyer with access to justice, says Jean-Yve

28 Feb 2014 | Cohabitation

Pre-nups are not inherently unfair

They may not prevent acrimonious divorces but pre-nups give future spouses the opportunity to think through some of the likely issues, argues Juli

21 Jan 2014 | Cohabitation

Securing greater rights for cohabitants

A new bill proposing statutory rights for cohabitants may be open to criticism but it would bring family law into the modern age, says Fion

22 Oct 2013 | Cohabitation

Peer makes fresh attempt at cohabitation rights bill

'We need reform, and this is a good startin

14 Oct 2013 | Cohabitation

Cohabitation reform is a divisive issue

While cohabitation rights may not be a vote winner, it is a priority for family practitioners and must be addressed, says Juli

23 Sep 2013 | Cohabitation

The common law marriage myth

Despite the limited rights afforded to cohabiting couples, the myth of ‘common law marriage’ persists - even among lawyers. Amy Radnor explores the issue

16 Nov 2012 | Cohabitation

The developing scope of constructive 'common intention' trusts

The courts have been wary of allowing litigants in property disputes
to import the principles set out in Jones in respect of cohabitation but 
already ther

10 Aug 2012 | Cohabitation

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