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Company, Consumer, and Contract

The latest statutory 
register requirements

Debbie King reviews what your clients should do now to ensure they comply with the law on maintaining a register of people with significant control in

07 Jun 2016

‘Unscrupulous and illegal’ behaviour to rise following removal of litigation fun

One in three insolvency claims won't proceed following LASPO change, surve

02 Jun 2016

What is the next Big Thing for Big Law?

In part one of a two-part series, Chrissie Lightfoot analyses the technologies that will disrupt the legal sector in tsunami-like style within the next f

31 May 2016

The trade mark 
David versus Goliath

The negative publicity that results from trade mark giants seeking to enforce their rights against small traders should serve as a warning for the big guys

31 May 2016

Aftershocks of commercial contract changes

Mark Lucas reviews some recent developments in relation to the law on penalties, the interpretation of contracts, and implie

31 May 2016

Jolie-Pitt’s pro bono scheme for migrant children to launch in UK

KIND UK will train commercial lawyers to support children with immigratio

24 May 2016

Scope creep for airlines on flight delay law

Could airlines eventually be found liable to pay compensation for flight delays following passenger air rage incidents, wonders Ro

24 May 2016

The Yukos saga continues

Maria Gritsenko discusses The Hague District Court's annulment of the $50bn arbitration award made to the Russian oil company'

24 May 2016

Brexit will severely damage insurance market, predict bosses

Insurers may divest EU business units to other worldwide insuranc

20 May 2016


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