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Abuse of the costs budgeting process

Compromise can lead to relatively narrow issues on costs that are limited to significant points of principle, advises Franci

11 Jul 2017

Introduction of new electronic bill of costs delayed

Costs lawyers warn solicitors not to avoid th

21 Jun 2017

ACL warns solicitors to prepare for electronic bill of costs

Rule committee sets October date for compulsory use in Senior Courts Cost

25 May 2017

QOCS and ‘mixed claims’

Sophie Khan considers the first case to involve qualified one-way costs shifting in relation to type

19 May 2017

Not so clear cut on costs

Steven Davies considers the Supreme Court’s dismissal of appeals against recoverability of ATE and succes

08 May 2017

An overview of costs in arbitration

Camilla Godman discusses the lessons learned from CIArb’s Hong Kong Workshop on costs budgeting and third-part

13 Apr 2017

Solicitors on costs management: ‘Better the devil you know’

Perceived client preference for fixed recoverable costs splits PI and commercial practitione

11 Apr 2017

Costs budgeting versus detailed assessment

The appeal decision in Merrix provides certainty on costs management and a strong argument against fixed costs, writes Franci

11 Apr 2017

Supreme Court dismisses publishers’ appeals against recoverability of ATE and su

Parliament did not see fit to render the LASPO regime retrospective, says Lor

11 Apr 2017


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