Expert witness

Negligence under lockdown

Selecting an expert in covid-19 related medical negligence claims could be a challenge, as

11 Sep 2020 | Expert witness

The incompetent expert

The Bar is a good sounding board for solicitors searching for the best expert, says Nick

06 Mar 2020 | Expert witness

Imposter syndrome: choosing your witnesses wisely

Following the collapse of a case concerning a £7m carbon credit fraud this week, Mark Solon

31 May 2019 | Expert witness

Trust the experts

Recent judgments containing damning criticism of expert evidence provide a useful reminder of

02 Aug 2017 | Expert witness

Collaboration and cooperation with experts

Martin Spencer QC describes some of the significant issues currently facing experts, including

11 Jul 2017 | Expert witness

No time to waste or delay

District Judge Glennis Corkill discusses the current trend of noise-induced hearing loss cases

10 Jan 2017 | Courts & Judiciary

How sure is sure?

We need a more rigorous definition of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, argues Clive Staffor

10 Nov 2016 | Crime

Book review: Writing Medico-Legal Reports in Civil Claims

Alec Samuels reviews the ‘impressive’ textbook that he says would benefit lawyers with its

07 Nov 2016 | Expert witness

Advising sophisticated clients revisited

The decision in Healey suggests once again that the courts are prepared to consider the scope

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