Funding, Costs and Legal Aid

Jackson’s unanswered questions

Francis Kendall considers whether a reduction in the hourly rates for incurred costs on detailed assessment should also be applied to budgete

12 Sep 2017 | Finance

Whistling to a funder’s tune?

Different types of litigation funding can influence a claimant’s choice of venue, adding to the complexity of their decision making, explain Ben Pilbrow an

23 Aug 2017 | Contracts & Rights

In the belly of the beast

Having witnessed ugliness and hope during her two months as an intern with a New Orleans Public Defenders Office, Lucie Boase brings back a slice of US att

Tenants become accustomed to their lot

Social housing tenants must be treated with dignity, not dismissively, urges Russel

A whirlwind six months

Georgina Squire reflects on the groundbreaking judgments and procedural changes litigators have had to get to grips with and looks ahead to the possible im

Lord Neuberger: Too late to restore ‘Humpty Dumpty’ civil legal aid

It is ‘fundamentally wrong’ if citizens and businesses cannot obtain lega

Law centre calls for pro bono levy on law firms

‘Radical forward thinking’ needed to rebuild Greater Manchester’s legal advic

The postman delivers more than you know

All it takes is an ‘inapt’ analogy to burn the bridge between the professions, writes John van der Luit-Drummond

LASPO’s false economy demands urgent review

Legal aid barriers deny most vulnerable their fundamental rights, says Chancer

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