Health & Safety

UK scraps EU quadbike insurance law

Government says it will scrap EU laws requiring insurance for vehicles such as forklifts and

23 Feb 2021 | Health & Safety

Taking the lead

The HSE’s regulatory approach to work related stress is compliance without sanction,

06 May 2020 | Health & Safety

Fighting the good fight

Gordon Dalyell’s 20-year commitment to injured people saw him become president of the

MPs launch inquiry into silicosis

A cross-party parliamentary inquiry into silicosis and its impact on construction workers has

11 Jul 2019 | Health & Safety

High time for reform of bereavement damages

An uncertain political landscape should be no excuse to relent on the campaign for a modern

27 Jun 2017 | Health & Safety

Getting to grips with the economics of health and safety

The courts are continuing to issue heavy fines to ensure penalties have a real financial

26 Jun 2017 | Health & Safety

Fee for intervention scheme still needs improvement

The HSE consultation on resolving cost recovery disputes does little to satisfy lawyers’

20 Jun 2017 | Health & Safety

What effect will Brexit have on health and safety?

Annabel Chadwick explains how several factors may impact the future of UK health and safet

28 Mar 2017 | EU & International

The case for compulsory public liability insurance

It is time to protect customers of public-facing businesses which both serve and profit from

14 Mar 2017 | Health & Safety

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