Health & Safety

What effect will Brexit have on health and safety?

Annabel Chadwick explains how several factors may impact the future of UK health and safet

28 Mar 2017 | EU & International

The case for compulsory public liability insurance

It is time to protect customers of public-facing businesses which both serve and profit from the public at large, argues Ros

14 Mar 2017 | Health & Safety

Health and safety revolution?

Ross Whalley considers the Health and Safety Executive’s new sentencing guidelines nine months on from thei

29 Nov 2016 | Health & Safety

How a Tasmanian court applied a UK ruling on future care costs

A landmark case could set the precedent for UK citizens claiming overseas, explains Pete

17 Aug 2016 | Health & Safety

Arguing the ‘serious and imminent danger’ of Zika

Lavinia Randall considers whether an employer can require their staff to travel to an area affected by the Zik

17 Aug 2016 | Contracts & Rights

The end of in loco parentis in negligence

The courts now have a degree of flexibility to apply to the facts of a case, writes Michae

17 Aug 2016 | Education

Brazilian law requires lifeguards at Olympic pool

Presence of unexpected guests sparks humorous reaction on socia

10 Aug 2016 | Health & Safety

High Court tells NHS it can fund ‘game changing’ HIV drug

HIV campaigners fear appeal will delay introduction of ne

02 Aug 2016 | Health & Safety

Hurdles for PTSD claims against the MoD

Following publication of the Chilcot report, Ahmed Al-Nahhas considers the ministry's failure to follow guidelines during the Iraq war and the potentia

25 Jul 2016 | Health & Safety

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