The virtual divorce

Edward Cooke explains why family law professionals must embrace training opportunities to meet

20 Jan 2021 | Divorce

Family courts crisis deepening amid rise in domestic violence

The president of the family division warns that the problems of the crisis in the

21 Oct 2020 | ADR

Child contact charity reports fall in solicitors’ referrals

The proportion of referrals from solicitors to the National Association of Child Contact

16 Oct 2019 | Divorce

Price of success: the hidden costs of financial dispute

FDRs were going to make divorce proceedings fairer and faster but instead they have led to

02 Feb 2019 | Divorce

Raising awareness of the benefits of mediation

Developing student lawyers’ negotiating skills as well as their advocacy skills is essential

14 Sep 2017 | Mediation

Momentum for change in family mediation

A combination of mediation with legal advice would be an attractive offering for many clients,

03 May 2017 | Divorce

Family mediation: Making the process mainstream

As family mediation week 2017 unfolds, Jean-Yves Gilg says mediation could become the new

24 Jan 2017 | Family

Family mediators call on lawyers and judges to be more supportive

Initiative is reminder to family lawyers of their duty to consider all dispute resolutio

23 Jan 2017 | ADR

Calls for ADR renewed as ‘Divorce Month’ begins

Family charity calls for greater take-up of out-of-court options for separatin

03 Jan 2017 | ADR

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