EHRC: no more excuses for NDA abuse

Lawyers should not have to take all responsibility for drafting and negotiating non-disclosure

21 Oct 2019 | Employment

London-based KWM employees awarded £1m

288 employees win ‘clear cut legal case’ following firm’

21 Sep 2017 | Employment

Solicitor wins unfair dismissal and indirect sex discrimination

Tribunal finds ‘serious and fundamental shortcomings’ in Switalskis’ disciplinar

19 Jun 2017 | Discrimination

The importance of worker status

Snigdha Nag reviews some key decisions of the year, including a number of cases considering

22 Dec 2016 | Contracts & Rights

Social media misconduct

Although the EAT has not yet provided guidance on dealing with social media-related conduct

29 Sep 2015 | Technology

Lawyers encounter pregnancy and maternity discrimination on a

Sussex-based law firm launches 'Mind the Bump 2015' campaign in response to ne

24 Sep 2015 | Termination

Social media has spawned ‘true detectives’ in employment claims

It would be foolish of claimants to assume their Facebook posts are secret, observe Madelaine

25 Aug 2015 | Technology

Employment law has been hampered under coalition government

Unlawful discrimination on the increase as the impact of cuts to legal protections bites th

05 May 2015 | Termination

ECJ rejects redundancy claims from former Woolworths and Ethel

Decision will bring a 'sigh of relief' from employers of multi-site businesses but is

30 Apr 2015 | Courts & Judiciary

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