Knowledge management

Machines v humans: The division of labour in the new legal workplace

Chrissie Lightfoot considers how to create harmony between AI, human and hybrid legal talent in the law firms of th

28 Apr 2015

Life partner: The four stages of a partner's career

Understanding the four stages of partners' careers is key to improving their contribution to your law firm, say Mike Mister and Ro

28 Apr 2015

Empathise to innovate: What MNCs can teach law firms about innovation

Empathy is key to building a firmwide culture of continuous innovation and collaboration, says Ada

27 Apr 2015

Changing direction: Create a culture of continuous innovation

How can managing partners create a culture of continuous innovation within their law firms? Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry discuss the learnings from behavioural neurogenetic

26 Mar 2015

L&D teams of the future will enable micro-level and self-directed collaborative

By Sue Beavil, Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Slater &

23 Mar 2015

Eliminating waste: Using lean six sigma to improve business processes

Stuart Whittle explains how lean six sigma has enabled his firm to improve efficiency and provide clients with greate

19 Mar 2015

Let the past improve the future: Post-action reviews of legal projects

By Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White &

05 Mar 2015