Knowledge management

Mapping processes: Using LPI workshops to improve matter efficiency

Cathy Mattis discusses how she developed legal process improvement workshops that significantly improve matte

13 Feb 2015

Legal innovators: Technology trends for law firms in 2015

Tech-savvy lawyers are key to law firms' survival, says Manju Manglani. She reveals the results of Managing Partner's annual legal technology surve

12 Feb 2015

Experiences in creating an internal information service for lawyers

By Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White & Cas

22 Sep 2014

Law firms should encourage knowledge sharing at every level

By Sue Beavil, Learning and Organisational Development Manager, Slater & Gordo

22 Sep 2014

Collaborative improvement: Use lean six sigma to become a trusted business partn

Law firms can use Lean Six Sigma to become trusted business partners to clients, say Catherine Alman MacDonagh and Thomas L. Sager 

18 Sep 2014

Collaborative culture: The in-house perspective on collaboration in law firms

Corporate counsel expect law firms to demonstrate internal knowledge sharing and collaborative behaviours, says Susa

20 Jun 2014

Worksite Vs SharePoint for Law Firm Knowledge Management

        By Phil Ayton, Managing Director, Sysero Lt

18 Jun 2014

The Sherlock syndrome and the Darwinian data disruption

By Eric Hunter, Director of Knowledge, Innovation & Technology Strategies, Bradford &

06 Jun 2014