Knowledge management

Breaking barriers: Improve knowledge sharing in your law firm

The most common barriers to knowledge sharing in law firms can be overcome, says Hélène Russel

28 Apr 2014

Intrinsic vs. extrinsic: Motivations for knowledge sharing in law firms

Do you know what drives your fee earners to share their knowledge? ?In the first of two articles, Hélène Russell reveals what her ?research uncovere

26 Mar 2014

Iterative improvement: Make reflective learning work for your firm

After-action reviews can drive continuous improvements in lawyer effectiveness and organisational performance, says Hélène Russel

27 Feb 2014

Harmony and analytics: Reshape your law firm with big data analytics

Eric Hunter discusses how predictive analytics can enable law firms ?to run more efficiently and in sync with clien

24 Jan 2014

Searchable spectrum: Simplifying access to internal and external knowledge

Marnix Weusten discusses how he deployed a custom, searchable portal to enable cross-divisional access to internal and external informatio

19 Sep 2013

Open library: Creating a client-facing knowledge portal

Sam Everatt shares how he led the development of a client knowledge portal with input from 40 law firms around the worl

20 Aug 2013

Agile support: Make the most of the adaptive nature of KM

Knowledge functions have a key role to play in helping their ?firms to adapt to market changes, says Stephanie Abbot

12 Jun 2013