Knowledge management

Is building your firm’s institutional capital on your to-do list?

By Nick Jarrett-Kerr, Visiting Professor, Nottingham Law Schoo

29 May 2013

Cash in the attic: How KM can improve firm profitability

Improving the effectiveness of your firm's information and knowledge management can have a direct impact on profitability, says Rob Marti

29 May 2013

Biting the bullet: Migrating to a new client extranet platform

Jonathan Townend shares his experiences in migrating Eversheds to a new client extranet platfor

23 May 2013

What I really want from a document management system

By Neil Davison, Head of Information Technology, Farrer & C

13 May 2013

Why most law firms’ internal collaboration systems are doomed to fail

By Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White & Cas

08 May 2013

Social presence: How to use LinkedIn for knowledge sharing and network building

Hélène Russell shares some tips on using LinkedIn for knowledge sharing and network buildin

25 Apr 2013

Lean and agile: How legal project management can transform client services

Karen Dalton and John Duggan reveal how Seyfarth Shaw’s client services have evolved to embrace ‘lean’ and ‘agile’ legal projec

25 Mar 2013

Virtual water cooler: Enterprise social networks for law firms

Would an enterprise social network benefit your firm? Hélène Russell suggests some ke

08 Feb 2013

Rethinking workflows: Re-engineering case management processes

Scott Rechtschaffen shares how Littler won substantial new business by radically changing ?its case managemen

22 Jan 2013