Knowledge management

Organising chaos: Creating electronic matter files

Jan Durant shares how she created user-friendly electronic matter files ?at Lewi

18 Jan 2013

Will 2013 be the year of centralised matter management?

By Oz Benamram, Chief Knowledge Officer, White &

14 Jan 2013

How to deal with information overload

By Jeff Berardi, Chief Marketing Officer, K&L Gates 

11 Dec 2012

KM healthcheck: How to effectively measure KM performance

Hélène Russell discusses how to measure the performance of your firm’s KM systems and prevent fee earners and staff from ‘gaming’ th

07 Nov 2012

Repackaging knowledge: Using KM to win new business

Paul Byfield discusses how KM can be used as a tool to market your firm’s skills and expertise t

25 Oct 2012

Make or buy: How to choose a KM system for your firm

Stephanie Barnes explores the key considerations in choosing between a custom and off-the-shelf K

11 Sep 2012

Targeted effect: How to secure partner engagement with KM

Ruth Ward explores the factors that positively influence partner ?and fee-earner engagement wit

21 Aug 2012

Competitor alliance: Why cooptition is a business imperative

Firms should cooperate with competitors to secure their future in the ?new world order, says Dr Frank-Jürgen Richter, chairman o

05 Jul 2012

Outsourcing research: What to ask when outsourcing library and information servi

Gillian Watt on what to consider when outsourcing the firm’s library and information service

21 May 2012