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Working with other people

Outrage and Kindness: a tale from practice

It's in the small things like the way we treat clients as real people and not file numbers that really matter, says Richar

08 Aug 2019

Does your firm reflect the make-up of its community?

Flexible working is one way of supporting women lawyers, but this is only the starting point for a wider and effective diversity Epolicy, says Aliso

16 Apr 2019

Why are lawyers so depressed?

Lawyers’ wellbeing statistics are not a good read and scientists are still piecing together the reasons why this should be so, explains Dr Bob Murra

02 Apr 2019

What is a ‘quarter-life crisis’?

Matthew Kay rejects the 'generation snowflake' stereotype in favour of supporting young lawyers' menta

18 Feb 2019

Counting the days: Designing a flexible holiday policy

Four years after the introduction of a flexible-holiday policy in his firm, Ashtons Legal managing partner Edward O’Rourke reflects on how it has benefited

04 Feb 2019

Managing mental health in law firms

Making sure mental health is systematically included in the agenda at management meetings helps start the conversation that will allow you to pick up the i

24 Jan 2019

The new justice economy

Can you afford to ignore online dispute resolution? Tim Wallis is not s

12 Sep 2017

Can we consciously stop unconscious bias?

We all make choices that discriminate against one group in favour of another. But we can reduce the negative effects to create working environments where s

12 Sep 2017

Invest in understanding the client journey

To improve service delivery, you need to track the complete journey your clients make, explains Hele

08 Sep 2017


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