Cut down in his prime

A receiver who took advantage of protected person's money and goodwell finally agreed to stand down, as Denzil Lush recalls

27 May 2021 | CILEx

Return to the office: creating the right emotional space

Nicola Jones helps prepare the ground for rethinking a safe return to the office

27 May 2021 | CILEx

Firm marketing impacted by covid-19

Covid-19 has affected firm marketing and business strategies have changed considerably, a report has revealed 

Security chiefs worry about class actions after data breach

Security leaders said they were worried about group legal settlements following a serious data breach, research has revealed

25 May 2021 | CILEx

Research shows top 100 stepped up marketing during lockdown

Firms created more thought leadership content than ever before and embraced social media

21 May 2021 | CILEx

Estate agents face ‘regulatory timebomb’

A lack of regulatory guidance hampering 5MLD adoption is exposing agents, research revealed.

19 May 2021 | CILEx

First ever full-time CILEX judge appointee

The first legal executive to be appointed to a fulltime judicial appointment has been named as PI lawyer Elizabeth Johnson. 

18 May 2021 | Career development

Immigration law proposals a 'serious threat' to the rule of law

The Law Society said Home Office immigration law plans pose a 'serious threat' to the rule of law

12 May 2021 | CILEx

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