Operating in France? LLPs can carry on, but fundamental issues remain

UK LLP law firms operating in France do not need to withdraw when transition period ends, but agreement does not address 'fundamental issues'

21 Dec 2020 | International

‘Shocking’ plan to breach international law dropped by government

Government abandons controversial parts of its internal market bill to break international law in a widely welcomed U-turn

09 Dec 2020 | EU & International

From doleiros in Janeiros to London’s real estate

Lawyers must break the chain of financial crime, Stephen Baker and Jessica Henson say

25 Nov 2020 | Crime

Irish Law Society blindsides Chancery Lane with practicing certificate news

The Law Society of England and Wales is dismayed by the announcement from its Irish counterpart restricting PCs for England and Wales solicitors

13 Nov 2020 | International

Brexit: firms must urgently prepare

The end of the transition period ends 31 December and government is urging firms to prepare for an increasingly likely ‘no deal’ scenario

23 Oct 2020 | International

Crypto Revolution or Evoluyton?

Is it time for law firms to take payment in cryptocurrencies alongside hard cash? Catherine Baksi reports

01 Feb 2020 | Commercial

UK legal services market ‘second only’ to the US

The UK’s legal services sector is strong and continues to grow in spite of Brexit, according to a detailed report from industry-led body 

06 Dec 2019 | International

Shedding light on the dark web

Too many companies, including law firms, don’t concern themselves with the murky depths of the web. That’s a mistake that can prove costly, says Adam

22 Aug 2017 | International

The couple that arbitrates together…

Philip Hunter considers what a new arbitration scheme designed to avoid forum shopping will mean for international marriag

22 Aug 2017 | ADR & Mediation

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